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Computers donated to Tanzanian children

23 Apr

This story was promoted on BBC News last week and I thought it would be worth sharing. We’ve discussed the viability of technology in education and I wonder how this project will work out for the Tanzanian children who receive these computers but have never used, let along probably seen, a PC before.

Here’s the organization that facilitated the donation – The Tumaini Fund.

The organization work primarily to promote education and better life opportunities for children who may not have the means to go to school. Although the motives of the Tumaini Fund to provide computers for this Tanzanian secondary school are noble I wonder if this technology will be so foreign to the students that it will irrevocably change the local culture of (primarily verbal and written) education. ¬†As we’ve hypothesized, much local tradition is verbal and I wonder what these computers will do for the school children who no longer discuss ideas with each other but instead work them out digitally.